Apple Files for Patents that Encompass a Laser Keyboard and Mobile ATM

By in Recent Buzz February 1, 2013 10:56 am

A new patent application filed by Apple shows us that they might have been watching all those concept videos after all. The patent is described to use the front facing camera on Apple’s hardware to identify when a person walks up to the computer. Next it might be able to beam an interactive keyboard out onto the tabletop. While this application describes a new desktop keyboard they also filed a similar patent for mobile devices.

One patent drawing shows an iPhone like product projecting an interactive keyboard which could come in handy instead of lugging around a bluetooth keyboard. Also there was a patent for “ad-hoc cash dispensing network” which would allow users to share money instantly. It searches for iPhone users that could loan you money and you pay them back using your iTunes account for a small fee. We can only hope these advancements come to fruition within the next two iPhone releases.

Ad Hoc Info Found Here

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