Moxtra is a Great App to Share and Work on Projects with Colleagues

By in Software February 13, 2013 8:21 pm

Moxtra is one of the best Apps we have seen for sharing and editing a project in a group using your mobile device. This App can manage pretty much anything you throw at it from home improvement, to weddings, to art, to design, and even presentations. The idea behind Moxtra is to allow users to make aurel and visual notes directly on a project and be able to share and update these easily.

Another cool feature is how it handles project changes, just like a social media App it updates the feed as people update the project or binder you are working on. This handy App can be walled off for a private project with selected people or public for all to see. Moxtra plans to bring their App to the Mac soon enough but for now you can work using your iOS devices.Check Moxtra out for free in the App Store and see what great ideas you and your coalition can come up with.

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Source: Images: TechCrunch