Sir Jony Ive Receives a Blue Peter Gold Badge and Critiques Design on UK Show

By in Recent Buzz February 18, 2013 12:56 pm

Recently Blue Peter gave Jony Ive a Blue Peter Gold Badge for his life efforts in design. Blue Peter is a British television show that has been on the air since the late 50′s. Jonathan was an avid watcher and now gets to partake in the show. Barney Harwood and Jony are in a CNC mill room for the duration of the flick, which resembles the very same one in Apple’s videos. In the show they gave kids the task of designing a product that would combine a school bag, a pencil bag, and a lunchbox into one design. Check out what the kids come up with and the custom made gift at the end of the video.

YouTube Preview Image

Source: Images: BBC