Siri Doesn’t Like When You Confuse it with Google Glass

By in Software August 30, 2013 2:51 pm

Macspoilers-Calling-Siri-Glass 2

We are living in an era where Virtual Assistants enabled by Voice Recognition has become one of the major selling points of big OEMs. We have virtual assistants pretty much in every smart phone regardless of the platform and a few cars too. Then there is Google Glass which despite its weirdness, is a brilliant concept. You can talk to your glass and it follows your instructions exactly.

Macspoilers-Calling-Siri-Glass 3

But have you ever thought, due to gadget overloading, what if you forget which assistant are you addressing and start calling them with each other’s name. We found that out the hard way, and our virtual assistant, Siri, certainly did not like that. There were some very interesting responses from Siri when we addressed it as “Glass”. If you all also have Siri give it a shot—don’t forget to share your responses with us. All you really need to do is, fire up Siri and say ‘Ok Glass’. It’s as simple as that.

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