Apple Asking Devs to Update App Icon Sizes ahead of Imminent iOS 7 Release?

By in Software September 3, 2013 9:48 am


As the much anticipated date of September 10th is approaching, all the Apple enthusiasts are holding their breath as the company prepares to announce its next foray in the world of consumer tech. It is also rumored that iOS 7 will be announced for public alongside the new iPhones 5s and/or iPhone 5c.

Macspoilers-iOS 7 Icons vs iOS 6 Icons

It’s no surprise that Apple has already started requesting it’s developer community to submit re-sized app icons so that there are no design inconsistencies when iOS 7 finally does become public. It has been noticed that icons which are not optimized for iOS 7 will have a small white border around them. Although this is not visible to the eye when using the phone from a distant, the screenshot above makes things very clear. You can see the Netflix icon has not been optimized for iOS 6 and as a result there is this little white bar on top.

So far iOS 6 had been using app icons at a resolution of 114×114 whereas the leap to iOS 7 has seen the size grow to 120×120. For iPads, this size has gone from 144×144 to 152×152 on iOS 7. In the E-Mail caught in the wild above, although it is not mentioned that the requirement of resizing of icons has anything to do with iOS 7, but since the resolutions match perfectly, if we add the numbers, it gives only one result, and that is: iOS 7 is very close to being a public release.