Steve Jobs Photos from 1984 by Norman Seeff

By in Recent Buzz September 18, 2012 9:57 pm

Norman Seeff is an amazing photographer who has captured the likes of many legends. One of which includes Steve Jobs. Seeff not only photographed Steve, but also his team. All of Seeff’s photos capture the most honest and relaxed moments that compliment his subjects.

In the captions that went along with these images—you can read by visiting Seeff’s website—he details how Steve surveyed his work before being comfortable enough to let him come into his home. He started with some portraits at Apple HQ of the team where he highlighted the teamwork and love at Apple. It was at Steve’s home where he captured iconic Steve sitting on his floor with ideas, conversation, and Macintosh computers.

These images are a rare look at the early spirit at Apple. Fortunately Norman Seeff has them available for purchase on his website.

Source: Images: Norman Seeff